Milk of Magnesia Madness

I came across the book title – “Our husband has gone mad again “, it seemed like a hilarious title for a book that has also been adapted as a stage play. Events of the past few weeks resounded that title to my ears although the title had changed based on what I experienced and I said to myself – “Our people have gone mad again”.

Yes, our people have gone mad again, please let me explain before you have my head  , recently, there has been a lot of noise about the Milk of magnesia and I just wondered why. Growing up I knew milk of magnesia for one thing and one thing only – Treating stomach issues like constipation but alas my people use it as a face primer and I have been getting a lot of reports about how it has worked magic for people with oily skin.


This madness must stop, even if I have to be a lone voice in the wilderness. I have had to educate and re-educate makeup artists about how it’s not meant to be used for the skin but to be ingested for stomach constipation.

When something becomes a trend, it doesn’t always mean it is the right thing. Sadly it has become a staple kit even among non makeup artists .You could imagine my shock when I went to makeup a client and she asked me if I used the magic wonder – milk of magnesia , I answered her with an emphatic No.

Quick Education – Milk of Magnesia also called magnesium hydroxide is used to treat constipation. It’s a laxative known as Oral osmotic and draws water into the colon from body tissues surrounding it and allows stool to pass easily. It can be effectively used as an antacid to relieve heartburn, sour stomach and acid ingestion. This is indeed very good.

It has however become bad as Makeup artists now use it as a makeup primer to help reduce oil secretion and reduce large pores. It works “wonders” and like everything that works wonders its side effects are flaky skin, redness, hive etc. Some people have zero tolerance for tropical magnesium or zinc and this can cause an allergic reaction.

Please people ensure to investigate the products you use and if you don’t know ask people that have sufficient product knowledge .There are a lot of great face primers and oil control product out there e.g. Ponds oil control, No 7 Beautifully Matte, MAC oil control, Mehron Anti Shine etc. And like I always say, there is a limit to how long you can control sweating on the face since it’s a natural reaction, it’s just like when you need to use the bathroom you can only hold it for a little while same applies to sweat and oil secretion, it’s natural. Get a great oil control, Blot tissue and blot powder and you will be fine.

You can also recommend any good oil control you know on the comment box below.

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Till my next post, Stay Safe.

Hugs and Kisses,

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