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Hello beauties,

It’s been a busy weekend with great thing happening all around the make-up industry , despite the fuel situation , things still worked out great – more on that later.

I finally got around to digging into my sleek goodie bag , yes, the same one from the Beauty connect series , just tried out some of the products and I am loving the results I am getting.

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I just started with the skin care so i cant say much about it for now but i am loving how i feel when i use it.

I have tried all the Glowshine lip gloss – Its a sparkling, slightly colored lip gloss (Smells nice and not too thick)

Signature Face Kit, Paint pot, Eye Dust, Sleek Glisten me( Fantastic body glitter,light and not pigmented) Blotting Paper, Emery board for my nails and of course Sleek Lip stain with LED light and 3D Mirror on the side, The shades i got were  Coined , Revolution ,Forbidden , Duke, Naivety ,Siren. My Favorites are Duke and Naivety.

The best way to apply the Lipstain is to first prime your lips with a lip primer, lip balm or Vaseline (Blot excess out with tissue) then apply the Sleek Lipstain generously with the wand or lip brush quickly because it dries up in less than 10 seconds .Note after applying do not smack your lips because it will mess up the outcome of the  application. I love the matte feel of the lip stain because its smudgeproof / kissproof and stays long on the lips without changing color. You can apply lip gloss if you want for a softer finish but i personally love it matte.

If you have tried any of the sleek products ,please share your views below. Which will you repurchase? and whats your favorite lip stain color?

Till my Next post

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  1. @yemisi I have gotten over the fact that I missed the connect series and missed on the goodies too…..

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