The Makeup Artist Guild of Nigeria – How to register ?

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I am back, this is the longest it’s taken after backend issues, my hosting service managed to mess up the site, nothing seemed to work anymore. Anyways, I am back and hope to be here for a long time, hopefully the evil demons disturbing Aso rock will not come knocking again .

A lot has happened and I am wondering where to start from but I have decided to take it from the top and see how we progress. Alrighty, so a lot of people have been calling and asking me about the Makeup Artist Guild of Nigeria MAGN – what it is about and how they can be a part of it. I will do a quick run down of all you need to know about the guild.

The MAGN was officially launched in Lagos, Nigeria on the 7th July 2017 and as we all know the beauty industry has indeed experienced rapid growth in diversity of services and professionalism. The growth has also extended to areas of professionalism, makeup techniques and trends.

And with the invasion of international brands into Nigeria, it has become inherent to create a body that can bring civility and organisation into the industry in a bid to regulate and unify all members. The main aim is to be an authoritative voice, promoting integrity and high standards within the beauty industry.

The mission of the MAGN is to establish & promote integrity, and raise a high standard with our industry through the active participation of the member by offering a suite of benefits that will help improve their businesses. Members will get a profile page, stay abreast of all the info in the industry, partnerships & sponsorships and more.

Makeup Artists Guild of Nigeria – How to become a member

Check the categories listed below and decide under which category you fall under:




Annual Registration NGN 30,000

CAC certificate & 3 Guarantors

Note: The membership card will carry the name of The Business as registered and not your personal name.



Annual Registration NGN 25,000

CAC Business certificate

Two guarantors

Signoff by one of the governors

Certificate / Evidence of Makeup Trainings attended



Annual registration fee NGN 20,000

CAC Business certificate

Two guarantors

Signoff by one of the governors

Certificate / Evidence of Makeup Trainings attended

Industry experience of 3 years & above (with evidence)




Annual registration fee NGN 15,000

CAC Business certificate

Two guarantors

Signoff by one of the governors

Certificate / Evidence of Makeup Trainings attended

Industry experience of 1- 3 years (with evidence)




Annual registration fee NGN 10,000

Cover letter from Training Tutor

Probationary period till background check is done.


Same requirements as based on categories.



Account Name: Makeup Artists Guild of Nigeria

Account Number: 0078696540

Bank: Diamond Bank

Once payment has been please send details below via email & SMS

Email: and Text to 09068617974 (SMS only)

Full Name

Business Name/Brand Name:


Amount paid/Category paid for

Name you used in paying into the MAGN Diamond account

Phone Number

Whatsapp Number

To view more pictures click HERE


MAGN welcomes women and men at every stage in their careers, from every facet of the industry.. Together, we are shaping the future of our industry.

1. Directory Listing /Profile page Your own page on our website, accessible from your directory listing

2. MAGN membership allows you stay updated with industry knowledge, and gain exposure ; Insider access to industry news, business insights and career opportunities

3. Members Welfare

4. Helps you discover proven best practices and access to industry influencers, making connections and creating networking opportunities via intimate networking events

5. Use the MAGN logo /Seal – when you become a member, you may display the seal of membership of the MAGN on your own website and marketing materials.

6. Financial Support /Intelligence via The cooperative

7. Free advice from industry consultants

8. MAGN helps its members take empowered next steps towards a more beautiful future by creating a forum of collaboration, idea exchange and education.

9. Exclusive member-only discounts on selected products and services with various brands and suppliers.

10. Opportunity to sponsor or host a variety of MAGN events.

And much more.


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Youtube: Misykona

Thank you any question, kindly drop comment below.

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