Women of Destiny Conference 2014.

Hey lovelies,
I have sought ought this year to create a balance , being where i need to be that would add value to my life , one of such is the  Women of Destiny Conference themed Blessed to Build hosted by Pastor Adenike Adeyemi of Daystar Christian Center , truth be told i am recharged and truly blessed.
The atmosphere was filled with love and God’s presence, which led to the  praise and worship session and finally to the word session.I can say with confidence that i hung out with my sisters and mothers.



Photo Credit -Daystar Christian Center.

After a powerful session of praise and worship, Pastor Adenike introduced her protege Omowunmi Idowu who talked about how to maximize single hood and be a better person and i was blessed to learn the following:

-Know your identity and your life becomes easier with emphasis on  the fact that all things work together when you know your identity in Christ .

-If you’re over 30 and they told you that your biological clock is ticking,pick up the clock and remove the battery!

-God has not called you to live a normal life,your abnormality has to be compelling!

-You carry the DNA and likeness of God inside of you,go into the world and maximize your power, don’t waste it

-You also carry a very big and mighty God in the inside of you,you are created and empowered to take territories

She also gave illustration of how young ladies like to follow trends in their spiritual life and that we should be timeless(Classic) in our walk with God.

Pastor Adenike Adeyemi came up after and encouraged us to express our appreciation and adoration to God! Thanking God for everything after which she introduced the last speaker Rev Dr Felix Funke Adejumo and my believe me when i say she was on fire…..literally !! Points i noted were:

-Worship & gratitude is my oxygen

-A woman is a born keeper! As a woman you naturally have the power of intuition, utterance, emotions, sex.

-Under the condition of sex, there’s nothing a woman can’t make a man to do.

-Women also have the power of reproduction .Your mother may not be born again, but if she’s not a witch, she’s a great blessing. Godly mothers are angels.

-“Genesis 1:27-28 …and God blessed them” The first appearance of a woman in the Bible came with the word ‘BLESSED’

-As a woman, you were created because you were needed. God created man because he was wanted, and God’s say is final

-As a woman and a builder, you can build physical structures, homes, businesses, ministries, lives and even a dynasty

-You have a breast and a womb which are spiritual gadgets to be leveraged for exploits. You husband doesn’t have that.

-Battles are raging & life gets fiercer. Worship is like praying & fasting, always make sure you alter is never empty. Worship is a tool for building.

-Whatever you worship the Lord for can never die. Be on your knees as we worship God and build destiny alters right now

-The next building tool I want to talk about is WORD. As women, our worlds are built, primarily, by our words

-Use your chosen words to build your man. There’s no man you treat like a king that will not treat you like a queen.

-Life is a choice, and whatever you call your husband or children is what they will be. Speak life, not death

-What do you call your marriage? What do you call your children and business? Words are seeds, choose yours carefully!

-The third tool to building is WEALTH. Wealth isn’t just money but anything you are well gifted at doing. Use it well!

-For some women, their wealth is their level of creativity, friendliness, planning.. Stop sitting on wealth, maximize it

-Build your life and plan wisely for retirement. Nobody prospers by prayers only, there are principles you must follow

-The fourth tool to building is your WOMB! Every woman have biological(your blood children), natural(In -laws), spiritual and adopted children

-If your husband is above 40 and you don’t have a landed property, THINK well! Sacrifice today’s pleasure for tomorrow!

-The cement you should have used to build your house is what some of you are wearing as clothing and earrings today

Her teachings were very candid and practical . I am so happy i didn’t miss out on this beautiful event , i am looking forward to the next conference

God bless You Pastor Adenike Adeyemi ,Pastor Omowunmi Idowu and Rev Dr. Felix Funke Adejumo.

I hope you are blessed too. I will definitely keep you updated on the next conference. You can also pick up the messages (CD) from Daystar Christian Center bookshop.

Hugs and Kisses



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