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  • Oriflame Champagne Beauty Party in pictures.

    Happy Sunday everyone, I trust the weekend’s been all fun and relaxation?? The week begins again tomorrow , its important to really get some rest. In the past week I believe I hinted about the Oriflame beauty party , it was indeed  a great way to start my weekend with sparkling champagne and makeup products […]

  • How to detoxify in 6 easy steps .

    Howdy beauties, Here we go again, almost hitting the end of the month of May yet again and I am tempted to ask if the world is in fast forward mode now. Speaking of fast forward, life is very short and increasingly become more so which leads me to some vital questions – Do you […]

  • Oriflame Beauty Party.

    Hello beautiful people , Told y’all it is going to be a great week  ,I am seriously looking forward to Friday as I will be at the Oriflame beauty party ,  heard about them some months back and since then i have been looking forward to sampling their product. Although this is a strictly by […]

  • As I add another year.

    Howdy People, I am grateful for another year ,its my birthday and i give all the glory to God for the gift of life and good health.I owe God everything that i am today and I know beyond any doubt that i  am a testimony of not despising the days of little beginning . All […]

  • Is Makeup a sin?

    Hey beautiful people, I am busy enjoying this new month, its been great so far and i am pretty sure it will be greater in days to come , praise the Lord somebody …… ah ha !!! , that exactly where i need your train of thought to be, somewhere in the realm of religion. […]

  • Niphec 2014 : Photographer’s Conference.

    Howdy people, I am always ecstatic when i have something to share with you ,its been a great week with the Nigeria photographers conference (Niphec) at the center of it all. I am happy i was invited to facilitate by the brain behind it all -Mr Seun Akinsanmi; my duty  was to talk about Makeup […]