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  • 3 Reasons why I don’t hate Linda Ikeji.

    Hi there people, It’s been an interesting week altogether which happened to climax with some sensational news of a Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji who just acquired a N600m mansion ….yep….you read it right, a staggering N600m at the famous and highly coveted by all – almighty banana island. This news has been accepted with mix […]

  • Fake Alert – Duo Eyelash Adhesive.

    Hiya guys, I think I deserve an award even if I do say so myself , what award you might be wondering ?? Well , I think I have resurrected the Joan Rivers in me only instead of being a fashion police I have become what you could describe as a beauty police and from […]

  • LANCOME at your doorstep

    Hiya beautiful people , I believe we have fully exhausted all our holidays for this year except of cause the highly anticipated Christmas celebrations.I trust you had a wonderful Independence day celebration even though the country is on a strict budget ­čÖé .Speaking of budgets, one major item that you should never compromise on at […]