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I am a homegrown girl , I get extra excited when people are doing stuff that looks remotely indigenous even if not entirely so. How did this happen? well dollar happened and I have been doing extra research on made in Nigeria or let me rephrase – made for Nigerians.Made for Nigerians simply means products that have Nigerians in mind during conception and manufacture. Don’t have my head yet it might not be much but it is certainly a step in the right direction, let’s celebrate little beginnings.

Having put that out there, it’s probably safe to look into Classic Makeup product line .The brand is “owned” by a Nigerian man with their headquarters in Trade fair complex along Badagry express way.

I have had to listen to so many oohs and ahhs about this product line, I decided to try it out myself. This review is based on the result I got and not influenced by any one’s opinion , I have  a lot of people  asking me if the product works ? if is it worth the hype? I just had to get my hands dirty in order to be able to answer sefaköy escort appropriately.

I  went ahead and got the following items listed below:

Classic makeup concealing mattifying Foundation(bottle) -It comes in 5 different shades 01,02,03,04,05.

Classic makeup matifying foundation (tube) – It comes in different shades like Marykay 500,507,600, 607, 708.

Classic makeup automatic eyebrow and waterproof eyeliner ( Black)

Classic makeup matte lipstick in Isabella (deep wine)

See swatches and review below —





images (4)

The Pros for the Classic makeup concealing mattifying Foundation(Bottle)-

Price varies from N1000 to N1600

It has a very fluid texture.

It is buildable and has a fair coverage.

It doesn’t oxidate and leaves the face matte for a while ( you will need to touch up after a few hours)


It cakes if not properly blended.

The Pro for Classic Makeup matifying foundation  (tube )-

Prices Varies from N850 to N1800

It gives a fuller coverage.


Its very Oily

It oxides and has more orangey undertone

The Pro for Classic Makeup automatic eyebrow and waterproof eyeliner (Black)-

Its a cool product because it has both eyeliner and eye pencil at both ends


The automatic eyebrow is not meant for eyebrow but for the upper eye lid

The black felt ink end once dries becomes a faint black

The water proof eyeliner if applied intensely  smudges

The Pro  Classic Makeup Pure Matte Lipstick in Isabella
Price is between N800 and N1500
Its True to colour
Long lasting
Gives a matte finish
A lip balm should be used before applying the lip stick to avoid cracks.
My Verdict
I used the Classic makeup concealing mattifying Foundation (bottle)  on clients and from the picture above you can tell that it came out nice.The makeup definitely wears off after a few hours and you will need to touch up a few times,I will not advise makeup artist to use the products  for shoot or on a bride or clients that wants a long lasting makeup .The concealing mattifying foundation is the only item that I like and although it is  cheap it did a fairly decent job.
Have you used this brand also ? please share your honest review below,  I would love to read from you.

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  1. About a year ago, I was convinced the classic concealer was a good substitute for mary kay. At the cheap price it went for, I quickly got it. I was completely misinformed. It was too thick which made it hard to spread. In the end I had an overcaked face and had to wash it off. I would hope they have improved.

    • So sorry to hear that < but I think you should try the concealing foundation with a stippling brush or beauty blender.Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Classic products are very economical….the first tube foundation they produced is not good…like u said..orangery… But d mattifying foundation is really lovely but u will need to touch up hrs later….and I also have their Facebook…d powders are verrryy nice…and their lipstains are also great…I have just one pink…and its lovely…

  3. I love their lipsticks and I use a little bit 708 mattyfying foundation with my mary Kay 600 to give that healthy almost warm dewy look. Haven’t tried any other product but am considering their eye shadow palletes (am a sucker for eye shadows)! love you Misykona #youarecool

  4. I love their lipstics and especially their ruby woo, always used a lipgloss/balm before applying them tho and its nice. Their powder pallet too is nice but classic. The small eye-shadow pallet they produced before does not last linger even with primers but the new bigger pallets is better and nice. Am a fan but not with their foundation both tube and bottle cos that doesnt work for me. Thanks.

  5. Best review so far. I have been searching for a detailed review of this foundation. Just to be sure, which of the foundation do u recommend; Tube or Bottle? Thanks.

  6. i tried their matte foundation but less than 2hrs my face will be oily again,but it looks great on some of my friends face when they tried it
    ..I love their lipstick and their shadow

  7. Classic Makeup USA products are very economical. They have really good lip products. Their Foundation and Powder combo for superior coverage is da bomb! All in all, they are trying especially since they are giving babes on a very tight budget the opportunity to look good.

  8. Classic concealing matifying foundation was used on me few days ago, though it was mixed with a bit of Milani because it’s cakey and believe me it lasted over 24hours without touch up. Just to confirm how long lasting it is, I took it to bed and bathed the following morning without washing my face. I went out with it the following day and people still admired it….So I guess it’s good.

  9. Pls want to know if one still need to apply normal foundation on the classic mattifying concealing foundation?just bought mine yesterday.

  10. Please I bought a classic matte foundation (bottle) it has this “Emmy classic cosmetics ” engraved on the bottom of the bottle and unlike the previous classic example matte foundation I used(without the engraving) lasted and was so lovely. pls it the fake? or did classic give an ibo man to rebrand? cos all the Classic USA bottles I Google didn’t have their bottle engraved with “Emmy classic cosmetics” urgent 08133141333 HELP

  11. I love ur review.I just love marykay foundation.Being a student mua,classic foundation came first to my mind cos its pocket friendly.whenever i try it on(tube) i always old,fake n all cakey.its terrific for people with large pores.i tried it on my friends they always look waoh esp when i use a foundation brush and beauty sponge to blend,its okay for dry to normal skin not oily.The powder pallette is cool.if ur thinking of pocket-friendly,ill advise marykay eventone foundation its 2,500.

  12. pls I bought a classic pressed powder with a seal pin number to scratch and confirm if its fake, when I sent the pin number to 38353 to confirm, they told me that the pin is fake . pls is the product also fake?

  13. @promise,yes it is fake.. There are a lot of fake classic products out dere esp the foundations. So be sure to buy one with a genuine pin..I use d mattifying concealing foundation and it’s OK…mostly mix it with Maybelline or Mary Kay but its a good product for d price

  14. wow. your review is nice, im using the Matte Foundation, though its pocket friendly , please can i know what powder is best with this foundation

    • Hello Funmi, it depends on your budget. Maybelline clear smooth or Zaron powder aint bad. Thanks for stopping over ma.

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