A Guide to Basic Makeup Brushes.

Hello Beauties,

How y’all been? It’s indeed a September to remember , this rain has refused to let up and you know how I feel about this time of the year : ) ,anyways that’s mother nature at work , we can only play along.

Alright people, if you have been struggling with your face, don’t know the right powder combination for your skin or you have not the faintest idea about how to go about your issues as it concerns beauty generally, well then you are in luck, we will be taking them in stages starting with your makeup brush.

Have you ever considered going out to buy a brush or brush set?? Tell me about it, I know exactly how daunting that process can be especially when you don’t even know what they are used for. For this purpose, we will try as much as possible to demystify those little cute things.

For your personal makeup brush collection, trust me you do not need all the 32 piece brush set, just a few essentials and you will do just fine. I would recommend the following brushes, they are the essentials and help to apply that makeup in but a few minutes and yes the look will be flawless too.

Powder Brush – This Brush is a must have for giving a flawless finish; it is used to evenly distribute powder on the face.


Stippling brush-This brush is made of synthetic fibers and a bit of animal hair (goat hair) It is perfect for light powdering, foundation / concealer application. The finishing you get is similar to an airbrushed look.


Brow Brush/ Spooly /Mascara wand- This is very useful for brushing through the brow to help give a very natural finish to your eyebrow.


Lip Brush- This is used to blend lip liners to create soft finish. It is also used to apply lipsticks and lip gloss. The tiny tips allows for precision.


Angled Brush- This brush is used to define the eye brows, it can be dipped into gel liners for eye lining. This brush is perfect for hard to reach areas like under the eyes and corners of the lips. The angled tip is great for cutting straight lines.



Eyeshadow brush- This is used to apply any type of eye shadow texture.



I would love to know what makeup brushes you currently own and which one you cant do without.For me its my stippling brush, it has helped to simplify my foundation and powder application.

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