Hygiene and Dress Code for MUA

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I promised i was going to be more consistent with my blogging so here we go,i am sharing another post with you and i hope you will find it helpful.
I have been asked a lot of times if there is a dress code for Makeup Artist,my answer is YES, there is. If you want to be taken seriously as a professional Makeup Artist.
A makeup artist is lucky to have very flexible hours and we are mostly not in a structured environment. We attend to clients who need and can afford our services i.e Brides, Musicians, Models etc. which in essence puts us in full charge of our profession.
Perception is KEY.

If you are perceived as cheap or expensive it is dependent on your appearance and confidence.

It is therefore necessary to dress the way you want to be addressed .Makeup Artist dress code is smart casual,a combination of casual yet formal outfit. You can wear jeans and branded polo/T-shirt (with the company name on it) well except if you plan to attend the event then you can dress accordingly.I know a lot of major makeup company do all black and that because as artist we should be able to fade into the background i.e MAC, Blakcup etc

No matter how skilled a Makeup Artist you are, you will be accessed based on your appearance before you get a chance to demonstrate your skill.
Avoid wearing transparent and revealing outfit
Loud chunky accessories will distract your client
Make sure you shave off all hairy parts because they harbor odour (especially the armpit)
Don’t chew making snappy noise instead suck on minty sweet (Tom tom) for fresh breathe
Fixing of long nails or sharp nails is a NO – NO
Dress respectable and responsible no tight fitted dress, don’t dress like a slut
Body spray and light perfume from home is a must and before reapply 10 minutes you start d makeup
Suck on minty sweet or minty gum to reduce mouth odour
Talk less and concentrate on given your client the best
Give your client her space about and arm length so that you’re not learning on and breathing down her face it can be very uncomfortable.
Assemble your makeup kit in an organized way and maximize your work station
Time management is essential (ask the client how long you have and be punctual)
Sort out your makeup kit a day to the event so that you don’t forget anything
Pack up your hair away from your face or into a pony tail
NOTE-Hygiene is very important since you work with your hands most of the time and your client is observing the way you handle your stuff, from your makeup brush to the product and that will determine if you will get a chance to do her face again or not.
First you must wash your hands ,clean /dry off with a clean towel,
Use hand sanitizer to kill off the last traces of germs.(make sure your nails are short and clean)
Trash your dirty item and sharp objects away.
Don’t share beauty blades with anyone.
Clean off your work station after you finish.
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