L.O.G Cosmetics Review

Hello beautiful People,

Here we are again back to doing our thing – talking about all things beauty.Here’s the challenge I have been having though , I have been thinking to myself how as an aspiring expert in all things beauty and makeup and I am being forced to do without or wear less makeup.

I have made up my mind and I am delighted to announce to you that I am going natural with some of my makeup products┬á ­čÖé and this is coming after I suffered a mishap(if you will ­čÖé ) from a lipstick brand that messed up my lips click Here to read . I have since adopted a more serious approach to cosmetic use , I have to know exactly the components of the product and their authenticity as the simple truth is that a lot of the products imported into the Nigerian market are FAKE!!! – One can never be too careful.

I have also decided to do more reviews in order to help you out there ( yes, it’s always because I love you so much ­čÖé ).Let’s take a quick look at L.O.G Cosmetics .The brand is owned by a beautiful and hard working Nigerian Lady Mrs Dami Olawaiye┬á Adewole , I had the opportunity to meet her a few months back. The product line ranges from makeup to Nail polishes and hair care products .

I got the following items from her :

L.O.G Cosmetics Blushers in Sweetheart

L.O.G Cosmetics Lipstick in Bare

L.O.G Cosmetics Cream foundation in Arewa C60

L.O.G Cosmetics Loose Powder in Erin P55

OK, so I have suddenly become camera shy and I had to get a model as dark as I am to test the products┬á on – no thanks to the trauma I suffered.








The Con about this Natural makeup line is that they must be stored in a cool environment.

The Pros outweighs the Con as it is a healthy way to treat your skin (No chemicals).

Once the foundation and powder is set it doesn’t move.

It helps to prevents premature aging and protects from the UVA / Sunburn.

The foundation and Powder do not Oxidate meaning that they do not get darker after a few hours of application.

They are super affordable

To order for products, visit www.logcosmetics.com
Email : orders@logcosmetics.com
Instagram :  @log_cosmetics
BBM : 5C3B47D6

Have you ever tried any natural makeup line before? Kindly share in the comment post below.

Till my next post

Hugs and Kisses ,






    • Hello Sugar White,
      What i mean by it being ‘Super affordable’ is its not an High end brand and its within the N1k price range.If you read the post,I wrote the Cons *You must store products in a cool environment which I didn’t do with the lip Stick .Thanks for stopping by.

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