How to wear MAC Ruby Woo.

Hello Beauties,

Trust you are having a swell month so far? Today I would love to share some tips on how to wear MAC Ruby woo lipstick .In my opinion ,Ruby woo is a sexy, bold, classy and timeless lipstick and it is one of the fastest selling red lipstick of our time. Every trendy Nigerian lady has it in their kitty simply because of the bluish undertone which works with all skin tone and skin shade.

I recently had a special case of my friend Ngozi  who just İstanbul russian escort bought her MAC Ruby Woo lipstick  only to realize that it was cracking her lips , she called me up to complain and also to find out what she could do differently, I did exactly that and decided to share with you guys.

First of all MAC Ruby woo is a Retro Matte Lipstick which means it has a drying effect; It is pigmented with a bright red color.

It is long lasting and also glides smoothly when you apply straight from the lipstick bullet; the only disadvantage which is not really a disadvantage is that it flakes over time as with other matte lipsticks anyway.

First if your lips are like mine you must first exfoliate (or just use your toothbrush to brush your lips clean and make sure all dry pieces are out) so that you can have a smooth surface.

Then you can prime your lips with lip conditioner/moisturizer (no fancy product) put on lip and blot off all shine with tissue.

lip moisturizers
Blotting out excess lip moisturizers
I define my lips with the exact Red lip liner( MAC Cherry lip liner)  or a darker shade of lip liner (MAC Vino lip liner) ,blend for a flawless finish ,don’t color outside your lip shape so you can have a flawless finish.

Cherry Lip liner 
Cherry lip liner to define my lips

Cherry lip liner exact shade with Ruby woo lipstick
Then apply your Ruby woo straight from the bullet to your lips rather than applying with a lip brush (since its yours you can disinfect by using a wipe to clean off the outer coat ) for super bold lips apply more than one coat if you want it light ,apply one or two coats.

Ruby woo alone
Another way to wear Ruby woo is to apply a little bit of MAC Vegas Volt lipstick right in the middle of your lips and you will get a totally different shade.

Rubywoo + Vegas Volt  = Orangey Red
My all-time favorite is mixing Ruby woo with MAC impassioned lipstick the result is so sweet and amazing.

Ruby Woo + Impassioned =Brighter Red
Please note if you love light makeup just stick to wearing ruby woo alone or apply little gloss to soften it although I love mine matte.
Ruby woo with MAC Vino lip liner.
Experiment all you can and let me know what mix you tried with your ruby woo, have fun mixing .            

I hope I helped a bit. Please share with me how you rocked yours or what shade you tried nixing yours with.

Till my next post.



  1. Nice post, well done. I usually have 2 methods:

    1. apply a lip balm first without blotting it out, then use a dark brown lip liner and then the ruby woo lip stick. Since ruby woo is matte, the lip balm will give it a little shine without bleeding.

    2. I do method one and add Mary Kay’s lip nectar in Mango. It gives an awesome result, I love it also because I won’t need to add lip gloss.

    For pictures, check this link


  2. Great tips! I exfoliate lips then apply a little white MAC primer then apply ruby woo with a very light black outline that turns a darker red once blended giving a high definition and two tone effect!!!!

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