What is Editorial Makeup ?

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The heavens have been constantly open these past few days, today is not an exception,it’s a very wet Sunday which is a good excuse to doze off but ,hey, duty calls. I am off to  the Federal palace hotel to makeup some models for the run way of Lagos leather fair Exhibition 2017.

I bet some of you don’t know that I also do editorial and fashion makeup. This particular shoot was done a while ago with the amazing photographer, Kelly green of  Kellystrophq. The brief was to have a dark and edgy makeup look, our muse was the beautiful and young Lilian Williams .

**Designer –  Weizdhurm Franklyn.

Alrighty, for those of us that are a bit lost and don’t have a clue what editorial makeup is, I will take the liberty of quickly explaining and then I will leave you to enjoy the pictures 😉

Editorial makeup is the kind of makeup that requires a few people to work on or make an illustrative story.The shoot is usually different from your conventional shoot and requires some level of creativity to get the desired look and photograph.The key players in an editorial shoot would be the editorial makeup artists and an editorial photographer.

The makeup is not your every day look and as we are trying to tell a story with the look, it requires creating a particular kind of look that brings out the full persona of the individual as intended by the photographer or the client.

So , that’s pretty much it in a nutshell, it’s not a thesis so I am not going to bore you the whole shebang. If you are a makeup artist, you could collaborate with a photographer and work on your own editorial shoot.

And if you are a client wanting to make a definitive statement, you could hire an editorial make up artist or an editorial photographer for direction.


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