Hey Everyone,

Allow me to introduce myself to you.

My name is Oluwayemisi Dada. I Graduated from Lagos State University with a degree in Economics.
I ventured into self employment immediately after NYSC, I chose Makeup Artistry.
I attended Lagos Business School to sharpen my entrepreneurial skill.
I was mandated to start a blog hope i keep this up lol.
Anyway, this blog is basically about me and the things I love.
I’ll also feature career and business advice, beauty tips and generally whatever I find interesting.
You can email me at
You can send me stuff you want me to feature or if you want me to add your website to the links section
So invite your friends and don’t forget to bookmark the blog….
Hugs and kisses,


  1. Missidreads,

    I hope I had the Spelling right.

    “Think it, Dream it, Achieve it”

    Do not disregard anything as unimportant. Learn from the best, understand by understudying and asking questions what makes them good at what they do.

    Build yourself, if you can think it then try dreaming it. If you can dream it (desire it) then you can achieve it.
    You are a getter and I believe in you.

    Keep it going

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